Monday, 28 April 2014


RECITALS at ROSEDALE is proud to present a reprise of OPERA NELLA CHIESA in Aurora, Ontario! 

We are pleased to feature Soprano LAURA ALBINO, a native Aurorean herself. Also featured are wonderful singers Tenor ADAM LUTHER, Baritone ANTHONY CLEVERTON, Counter-tenor TIMOTHY WONG, and as always our wonderful Pianist RACHEL ANDRIST.

This outreach concert is presented in association with Aurora United Church, who recently lost their historic church building. The concert is open to the public, and donations are taken at the door. All proceeds will go towards the Rebuilding and General Funds of Aurora United.

Additionally, the Aurora United Church Chancel Choir and the Embellished Handbell Quartet will also be performing in the concert! So come on out and show your community support for the talent of Aurora!

This event will take place on Saturday JUNE 7, 2014, 7:30pm at TRINITY ANGLICAN CHURCH, 79 Victoria Street, Aurora, ON (2 blocks south of Wellington, 1 block east of Yonge)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

WRATH(!!!) at Rosedale


Feeling angry with the weather? Want to vent your spleen? Got something you want to get off your chest?? Come join us at Rosedale on May 25 for "THE SEVEN VICES". Featuring Ambur Braid, Lindsay Barrett, Michael Colvin, and Robert Gleadow.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Subscriptions renewable at THE SEVEN VICES concert!

DEAR AUDIENCE MEMBER & MUSIC LOVER, thank you for your interest and support in our first season of Recitals at Rosedale! Please join us for the final concert of the season, "THE SEVEN VICES" on Sunday May 25th at 2:30pm! SUBSCRIPTIONS CAN BE RENEWED AT THIS CONCERT FOR NEXT 2014-15 SEASON! 

Here is our new brochure for the next season of Recitals at Rosedale!